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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: 2007 (?)

MAME4ALL – a port of MAME emulator with some improvements and fixes.

– Based on latest GP2X MAME4All releases v4.7 & 4.6;
– 480 Orizzontal Hires Support in menu and games, now games with >320 pixels are playable (Loderun etc.);
– Overclock support, from 166 to 333 MHz;
– Frameskip as GP2X version (fixed 0-5, auto 1-5);
– Vsync on/off;
– Save configuration support, default and per game;
– Autocentering fix for most games when using FIXED/FIXED DIV2;
– Optimized compiled code as derived from GP2X version, but for PSP cpu (fastest graphics core);
– Stripped & Packed executable, only 2MB;
– New Graphic theme from logo (TM) and Tim’s covers (n.1 and n.2);
– Graphic theme 480×240 BMP skins support, both pspmenu480.bmp and pspsplash480.bmp in folder skins;

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