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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Android, BSD, Linux, OS X, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: UEA
First release: 1995

UAE – a program which enables you to run software for a machine which has non-native hardware and a non-native operating system, on your computer. UAE allows you to run most of the available Amiga software.

It is a software emulation, meaning that no extra or special hardware is needed to do this. The hardware of an Amiga is emulated accurately, so that Amiga software is tricked into thinking it is running on the real thing, with your computer’s display, keyboard, harddisk and mouse taking the parts of their emulated counterparts.

UAE was developed for Unixoid systems. Meanwhile, it has been ported to the Mac, DOS, Windows, the BeBox, NextStep, the XFree86/OS2 environment and the Amigas (it can run itself by now). You should have received several other files along with this document with details on how to install and use the version for your operating system.

– A 68000, 68010 or 68020 CPU, optionally a 68881 FPU
– OCS Graphics Chipset, plus big blits from the ECS Chipset
– Up to 2MB Chip RAM and up to 8MB Fast RAM, or 8MB Chip RAM without Fast RAM
– Up to 64MB Zorro III Fast RAM, independent of Chip RAM setting (68020 only)
– Up to 1MB Slow RAM, for extended compatibility with problem software
– Up to 8MB of graphics card memory, usable by software that supports
Picasso 96 compatible graphics cards
– 4 x 3.5″ floppy disk drives (DF0:, DF1:, DF2: and DF3:). It’s not possible to
read Amiga disks, so these are emulated with disk files.
– A hard-disk: either a harddisk image file or part of the native filesystem
– Joystick support (with option of mapping joystick to numeric keypad)
– Mouse support
– Ability to run in various screen modes (for better display quality or
better speed)
– Full stereo sound support, consisting of 4 x 8bit channels
– Beta parallel and serial port support

Forks of UAE: E-UAE, WinUAE, PUAE, FS-UAE, UAE4all, Scripted Amiga Emulator (SAE), UAE4ARM, PocketUAE.

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