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Web site: pocketinsanity.org/web/pocketinsanity/Projects/PocketUAE/
Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Windows Mobile
Interface: GUI
First release: 2004

PocketUAE – a version of the popular UAE emulator designed for PocketPC devices operating under Windows Mobile.

Some of the supported features:
– support for up to 4 Floppy Drives
– 68000/010/020/040 CPU, optionally a 68881 FPU
– OCS, ECS and AGA Graphics Chipset (including sprite-playfield collisions)
– Up to 2MB Chip RAM and up to 8MB Fast RAM, or 8MB Chip RAM without Fast RAM
– Up to 64MB Zorro III Fast RAM, independent of Chip RAM setting (68020+ only)
– Up to 1MB Slow RAM, for extended compatibility with problem software
– A hard-disk: either a harddisk image file or part of the native filesystem
– Mouse and Joystick support (Stylus and D-Pad on PocketPC)
– On-Screen Keyboard on QVGA devices

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