Bokosuka Wars

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Category: Games
Sub-Category: RPG
Platform: Sharp X1, MSX, NEC 6001/8801/9801, Nintendo Famicom
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Bokosuka Wars
First release: 1983

Bokosuka Wars – a RPG game released on December 14, 1985 developed by Kōji Sumii. The system that forms the basis of current simulation RPGs, such as the existence of a leader whose game is over when defeated, the strength relationship between characters, and promotion to a powerful character, has already been incorporated.

In the Middle Ages, King Ogores, the tyrant of the Basam Empire, plotted world domination and invaded the neighboring Kingdom of Suren.
The Suren Kingdom was no match for the mighty military power of the Basam Empire, and was ruled by the Empire.
King Ogoreth also magically transformed King Suren’s soldiers into trees and rocks.
However, King Suren finally had a chance to fight back.
One day, a witch I met in town taught me how to break the spell.
Alone, King Suren launched a charge towards Bassam Castle.
Rescue his soldiers, regroup, and defeat King Ogoreth.

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