Willows Toolkit for UNIX

Last Updated on: 31st December 2023, 11:31 am

Web site: award.com (not active)
Category: Others
Platform: Linux, OS X, UNIX-like
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: Award Software
First release: 1983

Willows Toolkit for UNIX – a porting kit for developing and/or deploying Windows-based applications on UNIX and Macintosh.

It provides royalty-free corss-platform development tools and services for moving existing 16- and 32-bit Windows(TM) applications to Unix, Macintosh, real-time, network and NC operating systems, Java and other target environments. Developers can provide native application support and performance for all target platforms by maintinaing a single source tree. Developers can also combine third-party component technology (ie, binary DDLs) with wource code for hybrid solutions.

The Willows Toolkit for UNIX and Willows RT for Embedded Systems from Willows Software were integrated into APIAccess.

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