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Category: Others
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2009

WineXS – a simple GUI for Wine written in RealBasic WineXS uses Winetricks and requires GTK2, cabextract and makes it easier to use Wine.

WineXS requires gtk 2.x and cabextract.

Just copy the file to your home directory and type tar zxvf winexs-2.0.tgz

cd to the winexs directory and type ./winexs

If you’re using a WINEPREFIX then you should type something like
cd winexs && env WINEPREFIX=~/winedir ./winexs


WineXS 2.0 1.43MB.tgz
md5sum: 0dcb5d1f853f9b319a7a492c57da77e4

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