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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: RISC OS
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: January 15, 1999

BeebIt – a BBC Micro Computer Emulator for RISC OS.

BeebIt attempts to emulate the behaviour of a British Broadcasting Corporation Model B, B+ and Master 128 Micro Computers.

The BBC Micro was manufactured by Acorn Computers Ltd of Cambridge, England in the early and mid 1980s.

BeebIt will only work on an Acorn or RISC OS Computer with RISC OS 3.00 or above. To achieve emulation at a useable speed a StrongARM, Xscale or OMAP processor is recommended.

As from version 0.25, the layout of the configuration file has changed to accommodate the new Model B+ emulation. Please read the section GETTING STARTED, CONFIGURATION and OPTIONS so you are aware of these changes.

BeebIt needs MDF definitions for MODE 7 and 12 (on Risc PC), MODE 15 [640×256] on Iyonix, MODE 21 [640×512] on the BeagleBoard and 1280×1024 for Raspberry Pi.

BeebIt will not work as it stands. You will need a copy of the OS and BASIC ROM images that came with the original BBC Computer. Pace Micro Technology Limited still hold the copyright over these ROMs and therefore they cannot be distributed with this emulator.

Features :
– Accurately emulates the SN76489 sound chip, as found in the Acorn BBC Model B/B+/Master.
– Provides a simple ‘write byte x to chip’ call. All emulation beyond that is taken care of.
ZeriBeep is basically an ‘SN76489 in a RISC OS module’. It is meant to be used as supporting software for BBC emulators and the like. It been used for my port of the Acornsoft game Labyrinth (refer to my website for more details).
Emulation is complete in all respects and, in use, should be close to (if not exactly like) the real thing. White noise is emulated based on the actual bit sequence output by the sound chip.

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