Hero’s Quest

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Platform: MS DOS, Amiga, Atari, NC PC-9801, Mac OS
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
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First release: 1989

Hero’s Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero – a computer game, which is a kind of hybrid between an adventure game and a computer role-playing game. The game was made by Sierra On-Line and released in 1989. It is the first game in the Quest for Glory series.

When the game starts there are three professions to choose from, you can either be a warrior, mage or thief. Which role you play has some significance for how the game develops.

In the game, you are a freelance hero who must undertake a series of missions in and around the small town of Spielburg, which is ravaged by several raw types.

The game was originally released as Hero’s Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero but was later re-released under its current name due to a conflict with the publishers of the HeroQuest board game.

Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero is a VGA remake of the 1989 Sierra classic Hero’s Quest. Having run into trademark trouble with the original, Sierra released this updated version with new graphics and interface. While most of the plot and story remained the same, the input was switched from text driven to mouse driven as seen in QFG III.

The story itself is fairly simplistic. By asking around the town, the Hero quickly gets a grasp of key local events: the brigands have locked down trade, there’s a bunch of monsters around, the Baron’s children have disappeared, and a hideous ogress named Baba Yaga is causing all sorts of trouble. Clearly, a Hero’s hand is needed.

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