Excellent Bifurcation

Web site: www.shmup-dev.com
Category: Games
Sub-Category: Arcade
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: TUI
First release: 2006

Excellent Bifurcation – an abstract two-sided vertical shooter.

It’s written in C using gcc/MingW (compiler), Allegro (game library) and Code::Blocks (IDE). The 8-bit graphics were done with The GIMP or generated procedurally. The sound and music were done using Psycle, Audacity, and a number of free VSTs (especially Blitz and GameFX by Jan-Marco Edelmann (voskomo)). All the code, graphics and sound are mine (the developer), although I have to acknowledge Kenta Cho’s rRootage and Parsec47 for inspiring elements of the style of stage 2. Ikaruga also gave me some ideas.

The aliens have attacked, and their ability to exist in either or both of their world and ours has given them an almost unsurpassable advantage. Take command of a special fighter craft capable of existing in both realities at once and drive them back!

The form your fighter takes on the left has double fast-firing cannons and can charge to release up to eight seekers. It is ideal for destroying small and weak but numerous enemies. The right-hand form has a single powerful cannon which fires slowly but does far more damage, and is more suited to taking out larger enemies. It can charge up to release a wave which passes through things, damaging them as it goes (unlike the beam weapons, which only hit anything once no matter how thick it is). You can switch them between the worlds depending on what kind of firepower you need where.

The project developer is Linley Henzell.

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