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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Platform
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2007

Blobwars II – Blob and Conquer is the second game in the Blob Wars series made by Parallel Realities. It is a 3D, third person shooter/platform game, where you once more control Bob in an effort to save his world from an invasion of alien Blobs. Parallel Realities have been creating games since 1993. They started off writing games on the Amiga using AMOS and then, later, Blitz Basic 2.

With the apparent defeat of Galdov and the reclaiming of the Fire, Time, Space and Reality Crystals the Blobs’ battle was only just beginning. Bob had rescued many Blobs and fought many battles, but now he had an ever bigger task ahead of him. The Blobs’ homeworld is still littered with the alien forces and Bob once again makes it his task to lead the counter attack. But even without Galdov the aliens are still extremely well organised…

– Explore and battle in full 3D environments
– Use and aquire mutliple weapons (uzis, shotguns, grenades)
– Fight familiar enemies – Assimilated Blobs, Eye Droids, Spider Blobs, Sentry Guns
– Auto targetting enables you to maintain a lock on enemies whilst dodging around
– Blob allies – Fight alongside buddies such as Teeka the Scout
– Boss Battles
– Minigame puzzles
– Over 30 Missions

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