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Category: Others
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: October 2017

Bottles – an application that allows you to easily manage Windows prefixes on your favorite Linux distribution. Easily manage wine prefixes in a new way. Run Windows software and games on Linux.

Bottles’ Gaming Environment comes preconfigured to support a large set of Windows video games on Linux. Thanks to our installers you can have immediate access to the most famous game stores (e.g. Epic Games Store, EA Launcher, etc.) and then play your favorite games, just like on Windows. Windows prefixes are environments where it is possible to run Windows software using runners. Runners are compatibility layers capable of running Windows applications on a Linux system.

Bottles introduces a new way to handle Windows prefixes using environments, a combination of ready-to-use settings, libraries and dependencies. Choose between Gaming and Software environment based on the type of software you want to start. More advanced users can choose the Custom environment to configure the bottle on their own.

Customize your Windows environment with ease. Choose whether to use dxvk, vkd3d, gamemode, esync, fsync or other, Bottles will handle it all for you. Change runners on the fly or install new ones for all your tests.

Windows software need dependencies to work properly. Bottles comes with a powerful and easy-to-use dependency manager that automates this task. Just look for the package you need and then “install”, Bottles will take care of everything for you.

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