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Category: Games
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Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, MS DOS, OS/2
License: Public Domain
Interface: CLI
First release: 1999

Dealer – the program can be used to generate hands for partnerships bidding training or for generating statistics that can be used to design conventions, or win postmortems.

Dealer is meant for relatively complex use. If you just want to deal hands for a tournament Hans has written totally different code. You can find it at If you use other programs now to deal hands for tournaments please read the documentation of Big Deal. You will be convinced and switch.

The speed of the program obviously depends on the machine it runs on and how complicated the problem is. Last time the program was systematically benchmarked (a couple of major versions ago), these were some results:
– On Hans’ home machine, a SparcStation 1+, it generates about 4000 hands a second if the condition is not too complicated. As he rarely plays more than 150 hands a week, he can generate all the boards for a year in less than 2 seconds.
– The Descr.test_dealer example, which generates 1,000,000 hands and keeps track of some 72 frequencies, takes about 5.2 minutes, or some 3100 hands/second, on Henk’s laptop (a PII/266 with 32 Mb, running RedHat Linux 5.2). The program was compiled with the -g flag.
– Recompiling with the -O2 flag reduces this to 2:40 minutes or 6250 hands/second.
– Removing all frequencies but one (e.g. just generating the 1,000,000 hands) reduces this to 26 seconds or 37000 hands/second.
– Recompiling with the -O2 flag reduces this to 18.4s or 55000 hands/second.

If the “tricks” function is used, the run-time will be, by far, dominated by the time GIB takes to analyze the double-dummy deal result, which can run from half a second to several seconds per analyzed deal, in any case orders of magnitude more than other parts.

The Dealer screenshot source:

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