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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Virtual Boy
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: V-Tetris
First release: August 25, 1995

V-Tetris – a video game developed by Locomotive Corporation and published by Bullet-Proof Software in Japan for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

The classic game of Tetris has been translated to the Virtual Boy with 3D visual effects and a completely new play mode. Besides the original game, where you manipulate seven types of falling pieces to form horizontal lines, there is a new variation called Loop Tetris. Loop Tetris has you scrolling the playing field to the left or right instead of staring at a single screen. Since the entire well is like a cylinder, you’ll need to constantly revolve the playing field so that one area doesn’t get too high. V-Tetris also offers a variation on the original game in which you have to eliminate a certain number of rows before continuing on to the next level.

The Virtual Boy shows both the well and pieces in the foreground while various images are positioned in the background, creating the illusion of depth. The Loop Tetris game even offers moving backgrounds such as falling snowflakes or leaves! The game also lets you enter your initials for each of the three game modes, but high scores are not saved once you turn off the console. While V-Tetris was released exclusively in Japan, all of the screen commands are in English, so gamers can still play without reading the instructions. Players can choose between three types of music tracks in addition to the starting level (from one to nine) and round (one to five).

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