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Platform: Nintendo NES/Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Wii
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First release: December 18, 1987

Final Fantasy (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジー Fainaru Fantajii) – a Japanese RPG game created by Square in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game gave birth and the name to one of the most popular series of RPG games in the world and has had many remakes. The game also appeared on the NES Classic Edition. The first part of Final Fantasy gave rise to many motifs that run through almost all parts of the series.

At the beginning of 1987, Square Co., Ltd. had financial problems and one of the company’s employees, Hironobu Sakaguchi, proposed to the company’s management to create the last game, which was to be a kind of farewell to the computer and console games market. The game was intended to be a JRPG similar to Enix’s hugely successful game in Japan at the time, Dragon Quest. It was called Final Fantasy because it was the company’s last fantasy to rise to the top.

FF1 was originally released in Japan on the Famicom (NES) in 1987, ported to the MSX2 in 1988 (published by Microcabin), and then in the US on the NES in 1990 (translated and published by Nintendo). Then in 1994, it was rereleased along with FF2j on a Famicom multicart. In 2000, it was remade for the WonderSwan Color in Japan, and could be purchased with a special edition Final Fantasy WSC. In 2002, a remake for the Japanese Playstation (based on the WSC version) was released, which was available separately and in a package with FF2 and some mini figures. In 2003, the 2 disc set was released in Europe (without the figures), and then on one disc in the US, both called Final Fantasy Origins. 2004 saw another version on Japanese FOMA cell phones, and later on CDMA phones. FF1+2 were once again released together on the Game Boy Advance, based on the WSC/PS versions, but with new stuff. This was then released in the US and Europe as FF1+2: Dawn of Souls.

Game versions:
– Final Fantasy – December 18, 1987 (NES – Japan)
– Final Fantasy – December 22, 1989 (MSX 2 – Japan)
– Final Fantasy – July 12, 1990 (NES – USA)
– Final Fantasy I & II – February 27, 1994 (NES – USA)
– Final Fantasy I – December 9, 2000 (WonderSwan Color – Japan)
– Final Fantasy I+II Premium Package – October 31, 2002 (PSOne – Japan)
– Final Fantasy Origins – March 14, 2003 (PSOne – Europe)
– Final Fantasy I – February 29, 2004 (NTT DoCoMo 900i phones – Japan)
– Final Fantasy I & II Advance – July 29, 2004 (Game Boy Advance – Japan)
– Final Fantasy EZ – August 19, 2004 (CDMA 1X WIN W21X Phones – Japan)
– Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls – November 29, 2004 (Game Boy Advance – USA)
– Final Fantasy – 2010 (mobile, java)

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