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Category: Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: BSD
Interface: CLI
First release: January 6, 2007

MAMELOAD – the project started out as a PERSONAL APPLICATION many years. Initially released to the world on February 20th, 1997. Over the next 3+ years, it been often updated and refined MAMELOAD with improved features and compatibility. Many, many others found it a useful utility for them. Over time though, development stopped due largely to QUICKBASIC’s limitations and the changes that brought MAME to WIN32 as the baseline build as well as losing the original source code to disk failure.

Jump ahead 6 years from that time and it felt right to resurrect MAMELOAD. Thus, ML TNG was born.

ML has pretty much all of the features that MAMELOAD had in the DOS days, but it attempts to be functional and fast with low memory usage. This program was always designed to simply be thrown in the MAME folder and executed. Since ML supports most command-line triggers – a MAME.ini is not required. It assumes you have a basic knowledge of MAME including a decent working knowledge of how to adjust your settings via MAME’s command-line and .INI file.

Main Features:
– Quickly determines an AVAILABLE list (checks for presence of .ZIP). You also have made for you a COMPLETE list (all games), a MISSING list (.ZIP not found), Folder .INI view (custom made .INI viewing and integration) as well the option to maintain a FAVORITES list.
– Compatibility to all MAME Windows versions since it’s official inception. (MAME 0.37b15 onward)
– Multiple emulator support for command line compatable MAME derivitives and other MAME-based emulators! Tested builds include: MAMEUI, MAMEUI32FX, MisfitMAME, HBMAME, AgeMAME, PinMAME, HAZEMD, MESS, M1, Final Burn Alpha, MJOLNIR, Supermodel 0.2a, Haze’s “UME” and more!
– File Picker and Multi-Cart selection options for MAME and MESS.
– Full Screen and Windowed modes.
– Rotating Screen support. The screen can be orientated as normal or rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees. This functionality is available to Full Screen and all windowed modes which status can be changed on the fly through in-program input.
– Ability to view .PNG extra files (SNAPS, ARTVIEW, ETC), software lists snap packages, and ability to use a chosen .PNG as a background for your display.
– Support for up to 50 different ROMPATH directories in MAME.INI folder.
– Internal Support for viewing maintained DAT files including: MAMEINFO, HISTORY, MARP, STORY, COMMAND.DAT files for MAME as well as SYSINFO and MESSINFO.DAT files for MESS. These are all viewable at once (F3).
– Ability to delete CFG/INI/NVRAM file in-program for quick testing.
– Save any viewed game list or DAT file check to a file for later viewing.
– Type to search for a GAMENAME/SETNAME/SOURCE.
– Variable Default Font Sizes (8×8, 16×16).
– External .BDF font loading and support. (up to size 20×20)
– File Selection for MESS for any media types the system requires.
– Extended Joystick and/or Mouse list navigation.
– Nearly full Command-line support.
– Simplistic/Flexable interface, small in size and modest in memory usage.
– Option to add Streaming music and selection audio when selecting games from your list.

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