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Category: Emulators
Platform: Linux, DOS
License: unknown
Interface: GUI
First release: 1997

SNEmulDS – a partially based on SNEmul, a SNES emulator for DOS and Linux, which was the cooperative work of archeide & v0x.

SNEmulDS includes PocketSPC, a SPC song player made by gladius.
It also has integrated the fabulous CPU core from the equally fabulous SnezziDS.

At least the following devices should be supported thanks to the DLDI system made by chishm:
– DSLink (microSD Card)
– Ewin2 (SD Card)
– EZ Flash 4 (SD Card)
– EZ Flash 5 (SD Card)
– G6 Flash (version 0.15)
– M3 Adapter (Compact Flash)
– M3 Adapter (SD card)
– Max Media Dock (Compact Flash)
– GBA Movie Player (Compact Flash)
– GBA Movie Player (SD Card)
– NEO Flash MK2 & MK3 (SD Card)
– NEO2 (SD Card)
– Ninja DS (SD Card)
– R4(DS)- Revolution for DS, M3 Simply compatible
– SuperCard (Compact Flash)
– SuperCard DS (Slot-1)
– SuperCard (SD Card)

SNEMUL.CFG is very important don’t forget to put it in the root directory. Now you have a snemul.cfg file to put in the root(which means “initial”) directory of your card. You can choose the directory where you put your ROMS, instead of SNES as said in the following lines.
– Create a SNES directory in the root directory of your card,
– Put all your SNES ROMs in this directory,
– Optionnaly patch SNEmulDS.nds with a DLDI patcher
– Put SNEmulDS.nds or one of the SNEmulDS_ in the _root_ directory of your card,
– Launch the game,
– A list of all the SNES games appears, you can scroll with “up” and “down”
– Tap on the desired game and press START to launch the game.

What is implemented:
– 65816 CPU (bugs remain, and 6502 emulation is not supported)
– LoROM/HiROM support
– Tile by tile graphics engine (broken as of 0.5 alpha)
– Line by line graphics engine (90% complete)
– Graphic Mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 7
– Graphics Modes 0,5,6 are implemented but not correct yet
– 8×8, 16×16 tiles (16×16 may have problem with large screen modes)
– 32×32, 64×32, 32×64, 64×64 screen modes
– 8×8, 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 sprites
– BG priorities (still buggy)
– Full DMA support
– HDMA support (uncomplete)
– HIRQ/VIRQ/NMI interrupts
– PAL/NTSC detection
– Subscren Add/sub for BG/sprites/BACK (not 100% correct yet)
– Large ROM support (> 3Mbytes), even for slot-1 card users
– SRAM support
– Snapshots(State save) support
– SPC700 CPU (from PocketSPC by gladius)
– Sound DSP (from PocketSPC by gladius)
– Incomplete Line by line graphics engine (for MODE 7 game)
– Mode 7 effects
– Correct BACK color support (look like ok)
– SNES Mouse Emulation
– Incomplete priority per tile

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