The Magic of Scheherazade

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Platform: Nintendo NES
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
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First release: September 3, 1987

The Magic of Scheherazade – a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, released by Culture Brain in 1989.

It was the port in 1987 to the Famicom video game as Arabian Dream Scheherazade. The player attempts to rescue Princess Scheherezade from the evil sorcerer Sabaron, who has summoned the demon Goragora to bid for her. The game was innovative at the time, incorporating adventure elements and role-playing styles.

“Arabian Dream Sherazad” is a game released by Culture Brain in 1987. Set in the Arabian world, the player takes on the role of a young wizard on an adventure to defeat the evil sorcerer Sabalan.

The soundtrack for this work will be released as the second installment of the “Culture Brain Soundtrack Project”, following “Hiryu no Fist”, the first. The CD also includes songs from overseas versions.

The game’s story begins with you playing the role of a hero who was once a great magician named Isfa. Isfa tried to defend Arabia from the token super scary evil magician Sabaron and failed way back when, ending up being hurled to a different time period. You begin with no memories (of course) and one objective: to rescue Princess Scheherazade and return to your former glory to defeat Sabaron.

The adventure will take you through three worlds and challenge you to rescue Scheherazade’s three sisters, her father and finally the princess herself. Luckily, you’ll have help from quite a few NPCs along the way. I feel like any fan of the original Legend of Zelda will instantly relate to this game’s top-down format and similar screen-to-screen movement, and I may not have realized that majorly influenced how easily I got absorbed into the gameplay (as Magic of Scheherazade feels a bit like Zelda with towns sometimes).

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