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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Console, Puzzle
Platform: Linux
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: October 26, 2003

CAVEZ of PHEAR – an ASCII Boulder Dash clone console game.

You are trapped in the CAVEZ of PHEAR, your mission is to escape through all the caves and make it out alive. To escape through a cave you will have to find all the diamonds located in it. Once you’ve found all the diamonds, their powers combined will help you get to the next cave, one step closer to freedom.

By picking up a diamond you get 10 points, picking up money gives you 100 points. You get one extra life for every 1000 points you score.

Move around with the arrow keys or the 2-4-8-6 keys. Press k to commit suicide if you should get stuck.

Got the bombs? Great! Press ‘b’ to place them, and t to detonate them all at once. Note that the bombs you place will act just like stones, affected by gravity, rolling, and so on.

Watch out for monsters (M) – if they catch you, you will die. To fight back, drop stones on them or blow them up using your bombs.

Pressing s will enable/disable sound, w will highlight your current position.

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