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Web site: www.dxx-rebirth.com
Category: Games
Sub-Category: FPS
Platform: Linux, Unix-like, BSD, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: DXX-Rebirth
First release: 2005

DXX-Rebirth – a 3D first person shooter that takes place in the distant future. The PTMC (Post Terran Mining Corporation) owns a lot of mines, spread all over planets in our solar system. Somehow all the mining robots become infected with a computer virus and took the human workers hostage. Your job is to infiltrate the mines, clean out the robots, rescue any hostages you find, and lastly destroy the infected mines by destroying its reactor. You control a small anti-grav vessel called a Pyro-GX, your only hope in this metallic nightmare.

Descent was developed back in 1995 by Parallax Software and published by Interplay. It was a milestone in computer-gaming because it was the first game to truly take advantage of all three dimensions in the virtual space and had enemies that were not simple 2D sprites, as in Doom, but real 3D polygon models.

DXX-Rebirth is based on the late D1X and D2X source ports (which, in turn, were based on the original Descent source and LDescent). The Rebirth Team has spent a lot of time working to improve the source code by fixing old bugs and adding some improvements, while always staying true to our philosophy: Keep it Descent.

It is the goal of DXX-Rebirth to keep Descent 1 & 2 alive and well, updating them for modern PCs while also keeping them the same games you remember playing back in 1995.

In 1996 Interplay released the second part of the successful saga. Developed by Parallax again, Descent 2 was one of best games in that year.

1997 and 1998 the Source code of Descent and Descent 2 was released by PARALLAX under the flag of a non-commercial Open Source license.

In September 2005 the developer started the write some small installer scripts for some older Linux binaries of the latest versions of D1X and D2X.

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