Tetris Battle Gaiden

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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Super Famicom
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Tetris Battle Gaiden
First release: December 24, 1993

Tetris Battle Gaiden – a falling object puzzle game released by BPS (Blue Planet Software) on December 24, 1993 for the Super Famicom.

It is a work that specializes in fighting the falling object puzzle “Tetris”, and it is characterized by always playing in a battle format. Even if you play alone, you will be playing against the computer, and there is no mode where you can play only in a single-player field like before.

Players choose from 8 (10 depending on conditions) characters to play. Each character has a unique “special move”, and when playing alone, conversations between opposing characters are displayed, making the character more emphasized than the conventional Tetris.

The basic rule is the same as Tetris, and the first to stack blocks (Tetrimino) to the center of the field loses. You can send blocks to the opponent field as many lines as you erased.

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