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Category: Games
Sub-Category: RPG
Platform: Apple II, Atari ST, Windows, Unix, Android, Linux
License: Public Domain
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: Eamon_(video_game)
First release: 1980

Eamon (known as The Wonderful World of Eamon) – a text adventure game created by Donald Brown, released in 1980 for the Apple II. It is the precursor of the multi-user dungeon (abbreviated as MUD). Its successor is Swordthrust.

Eamon immerses the player in a medieval world filled with magic and populated by strange creatures. He plays the role of an adventurer in search of wealth and experience. Most adventures take place in dungeons, castles or forests.

The game’s interface is similar to most other text adventures. The game describes the character’s environment and then prompts the player to enter a command. These commands allow movement, the use of weapons, the obtaining of equipment, the interaction with other characters, the casting of magic spells or the control of the inventory. Players have a name and three attributes: strength, agility and charisma. They start the adventure with 200 gold coins.

Eamon is known for being one of the first adventure games designed to be modular, using expansions written by Brown or by the players themselves. The “Main Hall” serves as a base for characters to maintain their attributes and stats when transferring between different adventures. The Eamon community has written over 250 adventures in various genres and languages. The varying quality prompted fans to post reviews in a newsletter1.

In April 2017 Eamon CS was released by developer and adventure author Michael Penner. It is a version of Eamon ported to the C# programming language. It is playable on Windows, Android and Unix and continues to be developed and expanded.

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