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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
First release: 2005

GameBase – a collection of data and scripts to be used with the GameBase emulator frontend. It allows you to browse games with screenshots and a lot of extra information and run them with the WinUAE Amiga emulator with ideal pre-defined settings for a hassle free playing experience.

– Great care has been taken in choosing the ideal version of each configured game.
– Cracked and/or trained versions have been preferred for your convenience (you don’t have to enable the trainers of course if you prefer to play fair).
– Each configuration has been tested extensively to avoid games crashing halfway while playing.
– Screenshots have been created specifically for GameBase Amiga and it has been made sure that they display different parts of each game so you can get a good impression and not just many similar screenshots from the first level of a game.

An additional requirements for GameBase Amiga versions v1.1 and higher is WinUAE version 1.1 or greater.

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