Super Tetris

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Category: Games
Sub-Category: Puzzle
Platform: MS DOS, Mac OS, Amiga
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Super Tetris
First release: 1991

Super Tetris – a puzzle video game published by Spectrum HoloByte. Super Tetris is a game in which two players can play with each other in competitive, cooperative or head-to-head modes.

Super Tetris is the own plagiarism of the century, and a technically uninspired one at that: The stones look the same as always, the background motifs from the Moscow State Circus are superfluous as a goiter anyway. In addition, pieces of music and FX ripple out of the loudspeaker as if the whole thing had nothing to do with them – luckily they can be switched off.

It is best controlled with the keyboard, stick and mouse are reserved for nerve-racking pebbles. Much worse, however, is that the gameplay hasn’t changed anything that you don’t already know from the many copies made by other people.

As usual, blocks of different shapes float in a cup, you can turn and move them during the flight. Arrived at the bottom, they have to be put together in a closed row, which then disappears and lets the whole structure slide down.

In return, a small graphic gradually moves from bottom to top, as soon as it is completely visible, you can stone the next level.

What’s new now is that the cup is served half full, that the stones per level are limited and that there are now bomb packages to blast away faulty structures as well as nine different bonus stones (e.g. for more points or blocks).

A total of seven modes are available, including some for two players, but they can only compete against each other simultaneously via null modem. Well, not bad at all, but just a few years too late.

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