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Category: Machine Emulators
Platform: Acorn
License: Freeware
Interface: CLI
First release: 1990

Woz – the Apple //e emulator.

The emulated Apple //e has the followings:
– A CPU 65C02 (manufactured by NCR/GTE),
– Langage card protocol (16 Ko bank switched with ROM),
– ROM enhanced //e version,
– Extended 80 col. text card (with 64 Ko RAM auxiliary memory),
– Mousetext characters, Lores, mixed and page2 graphics are supported,
– Keyboard softswitches are supported,
– The Open Apple key is the left Alt key on the Archimedes’ keyboard,
– The Solid Apple key is the right Alt key.
– The Apple keyboard’ Reset key is the break key on the Archimedes:
> To cause a warmstart reset, press the key sequence,
> To cause a coldstart reset, press the key sequence,
> To exit from the emulator, press the key sequence.
– A Drive ][ controler card in the Apple’s sixth slot. A Floppy disk’s content is seen as a 140Ko ADFS file for the emulator (just like the MSDOS hard drive partition with the Acorn PC emulator). When you launch Woz, the emulated Apple //e will boot with a ProDOS 8 system disk. If you wish to change the disk in your “Apple drive”, just press the key when a program waits for a keyboard entry, enter the name of the file which contents the disk you wish to insert; The next coldstart will boot on this “disk” (note that the ADFS disk file should be in the Woz directory).
– ProDOS recognizes the Archimedes internal clock and will use it for its own file datestamping.
– A program resides on the ProDOS 8 boot disk which copies files to and from ADFS and ProDOS.
– Once Woz is launched you can insert a specially formatted ADFS disk in order to emulate as many Unidisk 3’5 as the number of floppy drives in your Archimedes system.
– Warning! This emulator’s version doesn’t provide neither Hires nor Double hires graphics..

Woz provides a small utility to copy files between the Archimedes and the Apple. The copy is of the raw kind on a byte for byte basis (i.e. it doesn’t care about the source file’s type to introduce format conversion).

Woz is not a stand alone emulator program.

Woz is a freeware program. Freeware means that you can freely distribute the emulator provided that the entire set of files is included. You should not make any profit by distributing it.

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